Travelling Oz in our Beast ...




Communication – We have purchased an Icom 440 UHF radio for vehicle to vehicle communication.

To back this up we have also purchased a Codan NGT HF radio enabling us to communicate over much longer distances.


We have installed a roof console to which we have attached both communication handset devices.

The console has two lights attached for the rear & can swivel for the front passenger.


The HF radio is attached to the rear cargo barrier.

HF aerial mounted on our bull bar. The UHF aerial is mounted on the rook rack.


Navigation– We have purchased a Garmin GPS system that is attached to the Codan HF radio set-up that enables us to transmit and receive GPS positions that is to ensure our safety when out in very remote locations. It also feeds back into a software package that enables ’friends‘ to maintain a watch on our expeditionary progress on our website. All cool stuff!

To augment this we have a VMS GPS system to manage our day to day expeditionary progress. This is a touch screen product packed with a lot of functionality – we even have the reversing camera hooked into the LCD monitor.