Travelling Oz in our Beast ...




We have mounted a National Luna® Dual Battery box behind the Fridge with a 150 AmpH Gel Battery inside. At present we have retained the Lead Acid battery under the passenger seat but have a Gel battery replacement in the wings.

For our convenience we have attached a Battery Monitor to this and mounted it on the Console up front to keep track of the goings on with our 2 batteries.


We have mounted the GPS transceiver on top of the snorkel.

To augment this we have a VMS GPS system to manage our day to day expeditionary progress. The VMS GPS monitor plus rear camera attachment is located on top of the dash board.


Lights – A no brainer - a pair of Light Force’s 240 HID’s installed on the Bull Bar, $AUD 800.

Reserve fuel pump switch located on the center console. Fuel gauges for these extra tanks will be positioned later. A Sensatyre monitor will also require some thought.