Travelling Oz in our Beast ...




Cooking Equipment – After reading a write up in Viv Moons Outdoor Cookbook on the Maxi BBQ I thought this looked a great solution for our cooking needs so we ordered one through Davids Campfire Cooking book. On our trip to Lake Eyre in July (2009) it copped a thorough work out ... proving to be very easy both to erect & to cook on. A tip from the BBQ experts ... "the secret being to dig a pit one shovel width wide & 2/3 the length of the frame to prevent the legs falling into the pit".

Garbage bag – Despite the cost we decided to purchase a decent garbage bag to mount on the spare tyre ... easier than worrying about plastic bags inside the truck.

High Lift Jack – A standard piece of equipment for all 4WD vehicles. We have ours mounted on the rear bumper which allows us to keep a low center of gravity.


Recovery Mats – A must have for a trip into the desert! We purchased a set of Maxtrax® recovery ramps to augment our other recovery options and they will be used appropriately prior to the winch having to be put to the task!

Space Case Storage – This took a great deal of thought ... do we go cheap & replace boxes as needed or pay out for good quality? We chose the latter & purchased 5 space cases. Tough & sturdy & with great seals. It was a jig–saw puzzle trying to fill the remaining area economically. After much measuring & fitting of model boxes we reckon we had the combination perfect! We bought 5 boxes in all they fit like they were made for that space! On our trip to Lake Eyre we packed these with food & cooking equipment & all packed remained completely dust free!


Compressor – A Bushranger MAX AIRII compressor is the model we chose for our needs here ... plus a set of type pressure gauges which we have used many times in the bush, the desert and after beach excursions.

Insect strike – We have attached a removable screen to cover the radiator & prevent the insects and grass seeds etc from clogging it up & again this proved it’s worth on our Lake Eyre trip!


Raised air – We have purchased a Safari raised air intake.

Lights – A no brainer - a pair of Light Force’s 240 HID’s installed on the Bull Bar, $AUD 800.