Travelling Oz in our Beast ...




We have replaced the standard 75 Litre tank with a 130 litre main tank. We have baulked at installing an additional 45 litre tank in the right rear wheel well due to what we feel is an excessive cost but may review this further down the track.

We have also installed an 80 litre tank on the driver’s side of the vehicle and were going to install an additional 80 litre tank on the passenger’s side of the vehicle but the Victorian manufacturer couldn’t get their act together. The drivers side tank is a pump feed into the main tank. The issue we have with this manufacturer’s product is the tank doesn’t come with a gauge. The only visual of the fuel transfer process is the main tank dropping to empty but in reality it indicates the reserve tank has fully pumped out... once you get used to this you stop panicking.


The reserve tank inlet, located on the right hand passenger side.



Now we have time before our next expedition we will reassess the 2 manufacturer’s products with the view to installing them. Our objective is to get as much fuel carrying capacity installed on the vehicle but as low to the ground as possible for expedition and stability reasons respectively. We are looking to carry around 2000 Kilometres plus of capacity from our combination of tanks.

The costs for these upgrades were: 130 litre option $AUD 1200; and the drivers side 80 litre option $AUD 1500. The 45 Litre gravity feed tank is $880 and the passenger side 80 litre option another $AUD 1500. We also required a compliance plate change with these additions: cost $AUD 120.

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