Travelling Oz in our Beast ...




Roof Rack – We have installed an Aluminium Windcheetah® Expedition roof rack. To complete the fit out of all our ’stuff‘. We have had to make some slight modifications to the original framework. These mods include removing one side of the wind baffle to fit the sink / table, & height adjustment to accommodate the slides for the tables & ladder.
Water – An 80 litre BOABĀ® poly tank has been fitted on top of the roof rack.

Tent – Attached to the roof rack is a T-Top Eezi 1.6m Roof Tent supplemented with an Add–a–Room annex for added protection & privacy.
The subtlety of this annex is the is easy access to the inside of the car through the rear door via the zippered panel. There is skirting around the base of all four panels to block drafts under the car.
All said it is very comfortable to sleep in with ample room all around & good airflow throughout.


Awning – An EasyAwn 2000 has been fitted to the left side of the roof rack for added protection from the elements. With this awning we have invested in the added luxury of fully fitted side walls to transform it into a totally enclosed private area.

The awning up & ready for the weather.


Table – The boys at Overland 4WD suggested an alternative table arrangement. Instead of carrying the table inside the ’Red Emu‘ we can have one mounted on slides under the roof rack. The table has been tried & tested & works a treat, it is so easy to get to when you pull over on the side of the road for a quick munch!
However, If you are thinking of having said table storage option check for the correct fittings as we found with the Defender we required higher mounting brackets for the roof rack. Funnily enough, the flow on effect of this is it has raised the bottom skirting of the tent annex ... if you want to peg it down you will need longer pegs!

Sink – Yet another brilliant simple idea ... a table / sink that slots nicely onto the left rear side panel of the car & is also stored on the roof. Again this has been used extensively & works like a charm ... perfect height for resting your arm downing a cold tinny!


The table slots into clips attached to the rear left panel. Perfect height for doing whatever!

Ladder – Instead of having the usual ladder attached to the rear door we have opted for one that slides in under the roof rack ... easy to get to & just as easy to slide back in place.



A sincere word of thanks for the effort the team at Overland 4WD put in to prepare Our ’Adventure Defender‘. They sacrificed personal hours to make sure The Red Emu was fitted out professionally. Thanks guys!

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