Travelling Oz in our Beast ...




Mud flaps – The vehicle comes with rear mud flaps as standard, but our experience soon highlighted the fact that the front tyres throw up stones and mud that tendered to stick too or scratch the rear wheel flaring as well as add to the noise levels inside the cabin. To reduce the potential for damage from both of these issues we have installed front mud flaps and this has reduced the noise and flying debris levels considerably.

Sills/bonnet – The vehicle body is essentially an aluminium box. To protect the lower exposed body edges, should we bottom out, we have installed aluminium chequer plate around all of the sills as reinforcement to prevent turning, or squashing the body area upwards.


Sills/bonnet – Also as roof access will be required to get to the sink & other bits we have installed aluminium chequer plate on top of the front mud guards and bonnet allowing us to stand on the bonnet with no damage! This works out to be very useful during loading and unloading.

Raised air – To assist in the supply of an ample source of relatively dustproof dry air we have invested in a Safari raised air intake assembly, $AUD 650.


Crash Plate – The aluminium tube protecting the steering mechanism has been replaced with a anodised steel plate ...

... this has been bolted to the bull bar & powder coated to match the colour of the rest of the underside of the vehicle.


Insect strike – We have purchased a removable screen to cover the radiator to prevent the insects and grass seeds etc from clogging up the radiator, $AUD 35.


Rust – Because the vehicle is essentially aluminium we understand that using the electronic rust prevention technology is essentially a waste of money. We have therefore gone for a total underbody and engine waxing process. This process has cost $AUD 650. We will see over time if this has served it‘s end!

A note

We have invested in some protective measures around various areas of the vehicle. We feel protecting all of the essential mechanical parts from obstacles, natives and the elements is important.

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