Travelling Oz in our Beast ...



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Our Decisions & Philosophy;

To many people, the squared–off, box–like, traditional bodywork of the Land Rover Defender provides the illusion that little has changed in the evolution of this vehicle. Of course, plenty has changed, and we believe we are the proud owners of a real rip – snorter, quiet achiever! Yes, even Land Rover doesn’t give the Defender any fanfare.

We decided the Land Rover Defender was the vehicle that most closely fitted all of our criteria. The Defender hasn’t changed its appearance in eons! Talk about ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, however the ‘new’ 2.4 Litre turbo Defender has guts and personality.

Our ‘Adventure Defender’ features a Ford Transit 4 cylinder turbo – diesel engine with considerable grunt in the low rev range. We have a six – speed manual gearbox with practically all the right ratios. The colour we chose was Rimini Red which happened to be the colour of a vehicle on the UK production line at the time we placed our order. So after a short wait of several months, a quick Dealer shake – down we became proud owners of a spanking new shiny Defender110 hence dubbed the ‘Red Emu’ our ‘Adventure Defender’.

We still have all the features that made the ‘old’ model such an accomplished bush touring vehicle:

  • one tonne payload capacity
  • plenty of cargo space
  • phenomenal entry / exit angles
  • easy clean hose – out interior
  • excellent ground clearance
  • adequate suspension travel
  • brilliant low – range gearing
  • traction control
  • ABS with all – round disk brakes.
  • cabin noise levels just a little above OH&S standards! :)

So with these ‘inbuilt’ features, plus the improved modifications we have planned, the new Defender110 presents us with a ‘go anywhere’ beast allowing us to venture offroad to explore & photograph some of our awesome Australian outback scenery. All for $AUD 49 thousand as a base price!

Within these pages you can read about the transformations she has undergone & ponder the mechanical issues we have dealt with!

Our journals will transport you through the adventures we have experienced & see just where our ‘Red Emu’ has taken us & how she has performed along the way! I should add here that we are not into the extreme 4WD’ing that our younger generation are pursuing ... our sole rationale when deciding on a 4WD was to seek out a vehicle we felt confident in that would take us to places otherwise inaccessible with our street car ... we made our decision!