Travelling Oz in our Beast ...




32 litre BOAB® water tank

This has been installed within the space located in the rear left hand mud guard. The filler being located just inside the rear door with a section cut through the rear wheel arch to permit this to happen – all finished off nicely.


With diligent thought we decided to purchase an 80 litre BOABĀ® poly tank to be fitted on top of the roof rack. This decision was driven by the duration of our initial expedition, number of people in our vehicle and planned usage of the water. Having all of this installed we feel confident we have the capacity to manage all of our planned expeditions.

Just to be sure we supplemented the tanks with 2 x 25liter bladders These have come into their own when refilling between the roof & the tank in the campervan.



We had concerns about the location of any storage of water, these were primarily concerns about the fact that we have basically run out of low-centre of gravity space to locate a reasonable volume of water.

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