Engine warning light:

Went to go for a drive a few weeks ago only to be turned back half way up the drive after seeing the engine warning light glaring at me. Looked it up & of course said don’t drive at speed & go see a mechanic asap!!!

A week or so later we finally got to our local Land Rover mechanic … they put on their diagnostic gismo & were told the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) Valve needed replacing … only a mere $500 urgggg!!  This is yet another ‘known’ issue with the new Defender110 & hopefully shouldn’t re-occur!

Not entirely convinced it is any less polluting than without but regulations state it must be fitted!!! Someone whispered in our ear saying removing the valve & fitting a blanking plate would be more efficient!!!  None the less we dutifully had a new one fitted only to have the engine light appear again … seems like the replacement valve is faulty so it needs to be replaced!!!

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