Travelling Oz in our Beast ...



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G' Day welcome to any new visitors ... also welcome back those returning for another poke around.

I believe anyone in the 4X4 community realises they have to modify their vehicle to bring it up to a ‘spec’ that will deliver on the experience they are looking for. Hence our decision to purchase a tough vehicle with minimum added luxuries! Read all the modifications we have so far undertaken on our car of choice – Defender110.

Our purpose for the purchase of a Defender110 was to transport us to & from any destination we choose to explore & photograph. This has never changed.

New journals have been added along with a gallery of images to supplement our travels. Not to be left behind we have added a blog to our site.

All in all we hope you enjoy our new look & encourage you to join in any discussions on the blog. Look forward to meeting you out there along the road!